27 Jul 2020

Emergency Dentistry

What To Do If You Experience a Dental Emergency

Sometimes, it is hard to decide whether a dental issue is an emergency or not.

Dental problems can be alarming, but that does not always mean you need to request emergency dental services. How do you know if your problem needs to be treated immediately? Understanding what constitutes a dental emergency can save your teeth or even your life.

Emergency Dental Care for Injuries

Dental injuries can happen during a car wreck, a work-related accident or even a fight. Your tooth may be fractured, knocked out, loosened or pushed out of place in a matter of mere seconds. Your gums, cheeks or tongue may be cut or puncturedin the accident. All these traumatic injuries need to be treated by a dentist. Our dentist suggests you make an emergency dental appointment as quickly as possible.

Immediate Care to Save a Tooth

After an accident, you may be in the position to save a tooth that is endangered by the trauma. Always ask yourself if you are in any more danger of losing the tooth than you were before the incident. Then, consider whether seeing a dentist now can make a difference. You might not know the answers to these questions, but asking them can help you look at the situation logically. If the tooth will likely be lost, see the dentist within 30 minutes of the trauma to avoid losing a tooth.

Oral Care to Stop Bleeding

Along with trauma to your tooth, you may suffer injuries to your gums, cheeks and/or tongue. If these tissues are bleeding profusely, there is no time to waste. See your dentist if you can, or go immediately to an emergency room to have them stitched up or otherwise treated. If your gums are bleeding without having had any trauma to them, you might have gum disease. It is important to see your dentist to be treated for periodontitis, but it is not a life-threatening emergency.

Dental Care to Stop Extreme Pain

Dental pain is usually a sign that something is wrong inside your mouth. If the pain is severe enoughto keep you from going about your business in the usual way, you need to make an emergency dental appointmentto find out the cause of the pain and get treatment for it so you can go back to your normal life. See your dentist if the pain stops you from sleeping, concentrating or eating.

Urgent Treatment for Severe Abscess or Infection

If you notice that you have an abscess around your tooth, it is important to contact our Toronto dentist or the closest emergency dentist to you immediately. Seek emergency dental treatment if your temperature spikes along with pain in your mouth. It is possible you have an infection you urgently need your dentist to examine and treat. These are serious problems that can lead to systemic illness or even death

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