Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The Ideal Choice for Tooth Replacement at our Toronto dental clinic

Dental implants have become extremely popular in recent years.

Many people prefer implants to bridges, dentures or other artificial tooth solutions. Whether you choose to have a full or partial removable denture, an implant denture or even a single tooth implant, you might need bone grafting to provide stable and solid support for the replacement tooth or teeth.

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Benefits of Implants

Implants can be used in a variety of ways. They can take the place of a missing tooth, in which case they are covered by a porcelain crown. They can also hold a prosthetic denture in place. In either case, dental implants:

  • Improve chewing ability
  • Help other teeth stay in place
  • Improve appearance
  • Replace a missing tooth

Who Needs Bone Grafting

Dental implants must be adequately supported to function as they should. Some people have lost bone due to an injury, gum disease or age. Bone grafting builds up the support by replacing bone you have lost. And, when you have enough bone to hold the implant, it can last you a lifetime.

What Are Bone Grafts Made From?

In the past, dental surgeons harvested bone from other parts of your body to use as bone grafts. While this is still necessary in some cases, the grafting material most dentists prefer now is bovine bone. Do not worry! Your dentist is not going to replace your bone with a cow bone, at least not an intact cow bone. The product used in modern dental offices is a substance with a sand-like texture that is inserted into your jaw. In time, your body naturally replaces this bone material with your own healthy bone.

Is Bone Grafting a Major Medical Procedure?

Bone grafting used to be a very extensive, costly and difficult procedure. With modern methods and bone grafting products, the process has gotten much easier. Now, bone grafting is a minimally invasive procedure in most cases. It can be done in a dental office, and many general dentists are qualified and experienced in these procedures.

Implants and Bone Grafting Procedure

The primary reason for dental bone grafting is usually to provide structural support for dental implants. Once the bone grafting material has been put in place by your dentist, you need to wait for some time before the implants can be done. You make another appointment when your dentist advises your bone will be ready to receive the implant. On the day of the appointment, your dentist does a visual examination and takes x-rays to ensure your jaw is ready before moving forward with the implants. After inserting the tooth root substitutes, the dentist can place the crowns or dentures that complete the implant procedure.

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