Why Choose Tooth-Coloured Fillings for Your Cavity?

5 Oct

We’ve Got the Break Down on Composite Resin

Tooth-coloured fillings, otherwise known as white fillings, are composed of a material that dentists refer to as “composite resin”. This type of dental filling is able to provide an extremely natural-looking result, as the material mimics the appearance and colour of the patient’s tooth being receiving treatment. Tooth-coloured fillings are especially ideal when it comes to restoring front teeth, or teeth that are more visible when a person is smiling or talking.


Preparing and placing your filling

When a person comes in for a filling or several using composite resin, our Toronto dentist will first carefully remove any trace of the decay present on the tooth. Next, our dentist will ensure the area is ready to place the filling. Composite resin is soft in its initial form, so it’s easy for the dentist to work with it and fill your cavity in layers. Each layer of composite material is carefully and strategically applied to the tooth structure and hardened with a special blue curing light to ensure a strong bond.

When to choose a tooth-coloured filling

A patient and his or her dentist will make a decision together about which type of filling would be best for their cavity. Small to medium sized cavities do very well with composite fillings, but if a cavity is especially large, then a different material such as amalgam (silver) filling may be more appropriate.

Composite materials have gotten stronger over the years, making them a great and dependable restoration for both front and back teeth, as they can typically withstand significant biting forces. White fillings are the #1 choice for the modern patient because of how virtually undetectable they are in the mouth. They also require less removal of healthy tooth structure during a placing, making them even more preferable. Let’s all clap for composite!

Want to learn more about the types of dental filling materials we offer here at Yonge & Front Dental? Or just simply interested in becoming a patient at our clinic? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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