Quiz: How much do you know about GUMS?

13 Dec
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Test your periodontal smarts!

This month, we’re going to shine some light on GUM HEALTH with this fun, 8-question quiz! Test your gum knowledge and see how much you know about periodontics… then feel free to let our Toronto dentist in on how you did!


1. Normal, healthy gums tend to appear:

a. Red and smooth

b. Pink and smooth, with subtle stippling in texture

c. Pink, smooth and glossy (stippling indicates start of disease)

d. Any colour indicates healthy gums, as long as they are smooth in texture

2. These are the two stages of gum disease:

a. Gingivitis, then gingival disease

b. Gingival disease, then gingivitis

c. Periodontal pocketing, then periodontitis

d. Gingivitis, then periodontitis

3. Flossing daily helps to prevent:

a. Gum disease

b. Tooth staining

c. Gum disease and interproximal decay

d. A & B

4. The most common reason gums will bleed with flossing is:

a. Gingivitis or inflammation

b. Flossing too hard

c. It’s natural for the gums to bleed with flossing… no reason

d. Using floss that is too thick

5. Gum recession is caused by:

a. Brushing too aggressively

b. Strictly gum bacteria

c. Gum disease

d. A & C

6. Doing the following is recommended by dental professionals to ensure healthy gums & teeth:

a. Brushing three times daily and flossing every other day, getting a professional cleaning every year

b. Brushing twice daily and flossing once, getting a professional cleaning every 6 months

c. Brushing three times daily and using mouthwash (flossing recently proven to be unnecessary)

d. Brushing twice daily and getting a professional cleaning every year


7. The following is most responsible for gingivitis:

a. Tooth decay

b. Bacterial plaque

c. Carbohydrates

d. Genetically susceptible gums (unfortunately)

8. Dental professionals who specialize in gum health are called:

a. Periodontic Doctors

b. Gum Doctors

c. Pedodontist

d. Gingival Doctors

  1. b.
  2. d.
  3. c.
  4. a.
  5. d.
  6. b.
  7. b.
  8. a.

Well, how’d you do?! Are you a gum expert, or gum-dumb? (Ha ha). Whatever you scored, we hope you’ve been able to take a little more periodontal wisdom along with you.


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